Enabling Technology for our COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 crisis has helped us realize the urgency and need to be proactive about putting the right tools and resources in the hands of our patients. As we adapt to our new normal, we are using new technologies reimagined in the heat of the COVID-19 crisis to deliver care that builds patients’ trust and ensures that their caregivers are safe.

Providence’s Digital Innovation Group (DIG) and Providence Venture’s investments in AI chatbots, digital prescriptions (Xealth), on-demand telehealth (DexCare), and remote patient monitoring/flexible digital workflows (Twistle) helped Providence to quickly stand up several programs to support caregivers and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient video conferencing with doctor

Get Connected to the Tech

Reach out to the Providence Digital Innovation Group to learn more about the products we build and the partners we collaborate with—including the enabling technologies for our COVID-19 crisis response: 

  • Assessment & FAQ 
  • Triage & Screen 
  • At-Home Monitoring

Screen Patients, Direct to Care, and Answer Questions

Within days of the first COVID infection, Providence was able to utilize “Grace,” the patient-facing chatbot framework, and pivot the experience to create the nation’s first virtual tool for assessing patients for COVID-19. This AI-based, natural language tool assesses COVID-19 risk, answers questions, and directs patients toward the appropriate venue of care.

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Flex internal resources to meet surge demands

DexCare, the intelligent digital platform that powers Providence Express Care, enabled Providence to scale its virtual capacity within days to support the massive COVID-19 influx. With DexCare, the clinical team was able to flex visit load and internal resources across modalities of care to meet this challenge. 

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Twistle and Xealth Logos

Minimize exposure for patients and caregivers

Providence utilizes Twistle and Xealth to offer remote monitoring via text to thousands of COVID-19 patients. Patients remain safely at home and care givers can effectively monitor temperature, pulse oximeter and other data and proactively reach out to patients whose symptoms might be worsening.

Twistle is a Providence Venture portfolio company that automates patient-centered, HIPAA-compliant communication between care teams and patients. Xealth, a digital health platform incubated at DIG, allows doctors to prescribe digital apps, content and services and automatically integration care information into EHRs.

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Providence Ventures Portfolio Companies

The Providence Venture team invests in innovating healthcare companies that improve quality and convenience, lower cost, and improve health outcomes. Our portfolio companies below have offerings to help health systems manage the COVID-19 crises.