COVID-19 Resources

Providence has emerged as a champion for safe, innovative patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
New research shows early intervention could slow the progression of COVID-19.
Learn how the Providence Nursing Institute quickly trained caregivers to operate in new care environments and support an influx of COVID-19 patients.
Hear from Chief Nursing Officer Deborah Burton on how Providence quickly responded to COVID-19 by creating a Pandemic Playbook.
Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips shares how health systems can learn to live with COVID-19 and work together to transform healthcare.
Patients with severe cases of COVID-19 were treated with Remdesivir for 5 and 10 days to determine efficacy of the duration of treatment.
Find out how Providence is minimizing the exposure of COVID-19 with telehealth visits.
Article featuring multiple Providence doctors published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer focused on immunological manipulations to lessen the severity of COVID-19.
3/24 – Coronavirus update with Dr. Rod Hochman, CEO & Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, EVP & Chief Clinical Officer.
Joel Gilbertson, Becca Bartles, Laurie Kelley, and Ira Byock share the different initiatives and programs Providence is providing during this crisis.
Providence's Laurie Kelley, Chief Philanthropy Officer talks with Dora Barilla, VP of Community Investment about how Providence is helping in the community during the COVID pandemic.
Brette Borow, Founder of @TheHerFeed, and Dr. Arpan Waghray, CMO of Well Being Trust discuss mental health and telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Providence's Ira Byock, M.D. discusses.
Sara Vaezy and Maryam Gholami join Mary Renouf to discuss technologies role in Providence's COVID-19 response.
Chief clinical officer, Amy Compton Phillips, M.D., lays out a roadmap to help providers, leaders and communities be ready.
Providence's Dr. Amy Compton Phillips sits on an expert panel discussing the COVID-19 response.
Dr. Hochman shares the steps he's taken to prepare facilities, protect caregivers, and contain cases to a level that has, thus far, been manageable.
This report covers the first case of 2019-nCoV infection confirmed in the United States and describes the identification, diagnosis, clinical course, and management of the case.
Described in this case series are the first 12 US patients confirmed to have COVID-19 from January 20 to February 5, 2020.
Hospitals around the world are using both new and established technologies to protect patients, clinicians, and high-risk individuals from being exposed to the new coronavirus.