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Providence has emerged as a champion for safe, innovative patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learn how the Providence Nursing Institute quickly trained caregivers to operate in new care environments and support an influx of COVID-19 patients.
Hospitals around the world are using both new and established technologies to protect patients, clinicians, and high-risk individuals from being exposed to the new coronavirus.
Health system executives talk about how they've used telehealth to meet the demands created by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Providence digital leaders Aaron Martin and Sara Vaezy discuss how healthcare is benefiting from technological innovation.
Providence has been a leader in modernizing tools and pivoting digital consumer tools.
Health care executives across the US, including Providence's Aaron Martin and Sara Vaezy, discuss a collaborative approach to COVID-19 response.
Over 700 Providence patients are being monitored at home.
Providence's Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Sara Vaezy, sits down with the Advisory Board to talk about COVID-19 triage via chat bot.
Learn more about how Providence Digital Innovation Group is putting digital in the hands of those who are making a difference on the frontline.