Telehealth Solutions in the News

Has Covid-19 made healthcare more patient-centric?
At MedCity News’ INVEST conference, panelists in a session on patient-centric care talked about the impact of the pandemic.
Your Care Provider Can See You Now: Pandemic Prompts New Approaches in Telehealth
For many health systems, embracing virtual care services for patients prior to the pandemic's start proved to be a key factor in their systems' quick adaptation to the changing health care environment
Pandemic-prompted surge in telehealth is here to stay, doctors predict
The pandemic has been a catalyst for an explosion in telehealth and physicians who oversee virtual care at three Catholic health systems say the platform has proven its value across specialties.
Providence St. Joseph Health builds a powerful telehealth program
Providence had a problem: maintaining access for its patients and needing to find creative ways to expand hospital and clinician capacity through virtual means.
How hospitals are building on COVID-19 telehealth momentum
Hospital executives are planning for how they can sustain telehealth momentum from the COVID-19 pandemic and build the practice into their future care delivery strategies.
Dr. Nicole Brooks shares the value of telehealth visits for patients during COVID-19
Find out how Providence is minimizing the exposure of COVID-19 with telehealth visits.
Robots, telemedicine, and more: How hospitals are leveraging tech to limit coronavirus exposure
Hospitals around the world are using both new and established technologies to protect patients, clinicians, and high-risk individuals from being exposed to the new coronavirus.
Using Telehealth in a Pandemic: Focus on Flexibility, Scalability
Health system executives talk about how they've used telehealth to meet the demands created by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Telemedicine and COVID-19: What to Know Now
With relaxed restrictions on telemedicine, thousands of doctors are jumping on board. What to know, where to get help, and how to reassure your patients.
Reflecting on COVID-19 and tech transformations becoming reality
Dr. Amy Compton Phillips shares her perspective on technology and the COVID-19 response.
Providence hospital finds success using tele-monitoring to care for COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we live and it's changed the way some doctors and nurses are providing care.
Providence caregivers get quick access to mental health care amid pandemic
The service provides quick access to counseling by phone or video connection and has seen its highest volumes since its launch.
As pandemic spreads, use of telehealth by clinicians and health systems surges
Dr. Gregg VandeKieft, palliative care specialist, began seeing clients through televisits for the first time in recent weeks and recounts his experience with the Catholic Health Association.
Providence offering telehealth visits with primary care providers and specialists
Providence is offering the telehealth visits as an option to allow patients to remain safely in the comfort of their homes and still see their providers.
Providence offering telebehavioral health services for health care workers
Providence launched a telebehavioral health initiative earlier this year to address mental health issues among the organization's employees and their family members.
Providence CEO, Dr. Rod Hochman, discusses with other health leaders on COVID-19 frontline stories
Dr. Rod Hochman joined health leaders on the first episode of PSBJ Straight Talk to share stories from the front lines of the coronavirus crisis.
A New Frontier for Medical Technology
Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips shares how Providence has rapidly evolved care delivery during the COVID-19 crisis.
AHA’s advancing health podcast: Using telehealth to address behavioral issues
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals and health systems are expanding telehealth services. Learn more.
Using telehealth to address behavioral issues
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals and health systems are expanding telehealth services. Find out how mental health care is adapting.