Resources For Kids

COVID-19 vaccines are now approved for children ages 5-11. Learn the facts about the vaccine and kids.
The Work2BeWell program at Providence offers resources that respond to the urgent mental health needs of today’s teens.
The new school year is the best time to make sure your child is up to date with their recommended vaccines. Learn what vaccines your child may be due for.
Parents must make deeply personal decisions about vaccinations for their children. Here are things to consider if you're on the fence about COVID-19 vaccines.
You have options for wellness care for children as they head back to school. Learn more.
Vaccines are critical to your health and wellness. Make sure you – and your child – stay up to date with recommended vaccines.
Children are still at risk of child abuse during COVID-19, but cases aren’t being reported. Learn the signs of child abuse and find help.
A psychologist and NYT best-selling author offers guidelines on how to help teens navigate their uncomfortable emotions during the pandemic.
During the COVID-19 crisis, working parents are having a difficult time balancing work and family in the home. Providence has stepped in to help.
Learn how a Seattle-based working mom is coping through the COVID-19 health crisis.
Liquids, solids and gases...oh my!. Watch this video about the super cold qualities of liquid nitrogen.
Flocabulary offers a fun and engaging way for kids to learn through rapping. Give it a try.
School closures can be viewed as an opportunity to elevate your kids in new ways. Learn more.
Good advice on how to have an age-appropriate conversation with kids about coronavirus.
NPR created a kid-friendly comic to help explain what's going on with coronavirus. Learn more.
The coronavirus doesn't stop education. Here are 6 solid tips to help parents embrace their new role as teachers.
Looking for a challenging online learning environment. may have your answer. Learn more.
There are many ways to keep kids busy while staying at home, and The Atlantic offers some good advice to keep them learning too.
Games to learn English an engaging way to help kids learn the basics. Learn more.
Free online learning tools made easy by Khan Academy. Get started.
There’s enough science to lend some insights into why you, your siblings or your children respond differently to situations.
Just because the menu says it is a children’s portion doesn’t mean it packs the appropriate number of calories for your kid.
Whether it’s incessant social noise or overuse of technology, it’s more important than ever to start teaching our children manners.
At a time of heightened stress for parents and kids alike, it's even more important to tune into your children's mental wellness. Learn more.
Timely advice on how to boost kids' immune systems to keep them healthy. Learn more.
Learn more about the secret to keeping your kids happy, busy and learning while their school is closed due to coronavirus
Mary Poppins is offering a variety of ideas for kids indoor activities and resources