Healthy Eating

Register for a free, virtual cancer nutrition class
A free virtual online class hosted by Providence Cancer Institute will highlight what to eat during cancer treatments, how to manage side effects and how to speed healing.
Fighting food insecurity through community partnerships
Food insecurity is impacting communities around the country. The Providence Community Health Investment is helping its partners provide healthy meals and hope to those impacted.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: What do we do now?
As some states are reopening, and we're wondering what's next, let's take our cooking skills with us as we move forward.
Fruit as a meat substitute? Try jackfruit
Learn how to eat jackfruit as a meat substitute and find out about its benefits. Plus, a recipe for BBQ “pulled pork” jackfruit.
Cooking hearty vegetarian meals that carnivores will love
Cooking for meat eaters and vegetarians may be easier than you think. Learn tips for creating flavorful veggie dishes that meat eaters will enjoy.
Eat well, feel well and stay safe this holiday season
The holidays can be both a wonderful and a challenging time. Read our tips on how to enjoy the season while staying healthy and safe.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Are you storing your produce properly?
Find out how and where to store your fruits and vegetables to prolong their freshness.
Bring the coffeehouse to your kitchen with easy whipped coffee
Start your morning with a quick and easy coffee treat that only uses five ingredients.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Nutritious family dinners
Learn to make healthy family dinners that nourish, comfort and keep your family connected during mealtime.
How to stock your pantry, fridge and freezer
Cooking more at home means maintaining a stock of key staples that you can use anytime for meals.
The economic impact of COVID-19 on agriculture and the way we eat
Impacts of COVID-19 on the food sector are among its most visible and important economic consequences.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Healthy comfort food
Find ways to make your favorite comfort foods at home and try a recipe for blackberry cobbler.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Basic kitchen safety
Since we’re all trying to stay safe, let’s talk about safety and sanitation in your home kitchen.
Easy ways to get diet and nutrition while you're cooped up
Here are some simple ways to stay active and maintain healthy eating habits while you're at home.
Is your coronavirus diet better than before the pandemic?
The pandemic may be changing the eating habits and behaviors of Americans nationwide.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Is takeout safe?
Chef Tse weighs in on common questions regarding takeout and its safety during the pandemic.
Don't let staying at home disrupt your healthy eating habits
Tips on avoiding the mid-day snacks, late-night treats and extra alcohol that can sabotage your diet.
How clean is your kitchen?
Find ways to keep surfaces, utensils and your hands clean while cooking to avoid contamination.
Do you need to disinfect your groceries?
If you are preparing to go to the grocery store or you are ordering food online, here are some tips for healthy food handling procedures and answers to your questions.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Cooking with kids
Now that we are spending more time at home, what a great opportunity we have to teach our kids to cook! Here are a few ideas for getting your kids into the kitchen and recipes they will love.
Nutrition and hydration are central to COVID-19 recovery
According to Aspen, hydration and nutrition play an important role in your body's response to and recovery from the COVID-19 virus and are an essential part of your medical treatment.
From the kitchen of Chef Tse: Cooking at home and the new normal
While you are limiting your outings and staying at home, here are six suggestions for becoming a better cook and a few recipes from the kitchen of Chef Tse.
Speed the feed! Quick and easy tips for meals during quarantine
Make healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones during the COVID19 quarantine. Try these fast ways to put a day’s nutritious meals together.
Fruit as a meat substitute? Try jackfruit
Learn how to eat jackfruit as a meat substitute and find out about its benefits. Plus, a recipe for BBQ “pulled pork” jackfruit.
Tips to make your produce last
How to select and preserve fresh produce, and a recipe for oven dried tomatoes.
8 healthy ways to use your waffle iron
We challenge you to use that waffle iron with these eight healthy recipes, from waffles to stuffed chicken to fritters and more.
Making one ingredient go a long way for breakfast
We know you’re tired of using the same ingredient in the same recipe. We’ll show you how to turn oats into a multidimensional ingredient!
How to cook for vegans (when you’re not one)
Cooking for vegans may be easier than you think. Learn tips for creating flavorful veggie dishes that can satisfy a variety of tastes and diets.
Keep your digestive tract happy and healthy with a colon-friendly diet
Nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods can help keep your colon healthy—and lower your risk for cancer and other conditions such as constipation and diverticulitis.
Surprisingly easy vegan recipes
While you’re at home, here are some new recipes to try if you are a vegan.