COVID-19: Vaccine Updates

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We have been partnering with local and federal public health authorities to help ensure a smooth rollout once a vaccine or vaccines are made available. Check back regularly to stay informed and get the latest update about COVID-19 vaccines and what this means for you.

Learn about vaccine safety and effectiveness, benefits and next steps for caregivers.
Health officials determine that the vaccine is safe and effective for preventing COVID-19.
The CDC and FDA recommended a pause on the administration of Janssen’s Johnson & Johnson one-dose COVID-19 vaccine while health authorities review rare blood clotting cases.
CDC released studies emphasizing importance of filtration and well-fitting masks to prevent spread of infection and exposure to COVID-19.

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We know there are many questions about side effects, safety and efficacy, and that some caregivers may be hesitant about getting immunized. We encourage everyone to get the facts and review the data for yourself.

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After your vaccination, be sure to register for V-safe – a smartphone-based tool that checks in on you to help keep the COVID-19 vaccines safe.

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