For Our Patients: COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

The COVID-19 vaccine is gradually becoming more available.

Rest assured, your health and well-being remain our highest priority. As we move along with those in eligible phases,  we’ll reach out to our patients and the public in a timely manner, and as supplies allow. Until then, there is no need to contact our offices to schedule a vaccine appointment.

Please reference our consistently updated blog post for the most recent information.

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But, don’t wait to learn more about this safe and effective vaccine. Below, you’ll find some informational resources to help you learn more.

Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep our communities safe by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and washing your hands frequently. Stay safe and be well. 

More Resources

Swedish COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
*The vaccine number represented below is a combination of our caregivers, the now-closed mass vaccination site at Seattle U, Swedish mobile clinics and the Community Vaccination Site at Lumen Field Events Center.

Vaccine Doses Administered

This chart represents total vaccination doses administered by Swedish as of 3/15/2021.

Commonly Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Q. Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe and effective?  
A. The COVID-19 vaccine was determined safe and highly effective in preventing COVID-19 by the FDA, the government agency that oversees and regulates vaccine development and approval. Other countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also found the vaccine safe and effective after evaluation.

Q. What are the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?   
A. We know there is a small risk of side effects associated with all vaccines, but the majority of the time side effects are less serious than the diseases themselves.  The COVID-19 vaccine is no different. It may cause mild to moderate symptoms for some people. These symptoms can include pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache and fever. In very rare instances, a more serious reaction may occur. We encourage everyone to talk with their doctor before getting the vaccine, so that they can make the best health decision for them.

Q. What are the benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine? 
A. Like all vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine was designed to protect you from contracting the virus or to limit the severity of the disease should you contract it. We know from other diseases and their vaccines that we can slow or stop the spread of disease when roughly 60 to 80 percent of a population gets vaccinated. A vaccine can limit the spread of the disease by helping to protect you and those around you. This shot is our best shot at stopping COVID-19.