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Findings show that most organs from COVID-positive donors can be used with excellent short-term outcomes.
The move will protect millions and improve access to vaccines. Learn more.
Our updated visitor policy and masking guidelines
Swedish Chief Health Equity Officer Nwando Anyaoku, M.D., who leads Swedish’s mobile clinic efforts, is often called upon to speak with community groups and panels about her work and experience in add
Due to the COVID-19 vaccine side effects, we recommend that you schedule a screening mammography a minimum of six (6) weeks after your final vaccination dose.
Dr. Hudson, CEO for Swedish Health Services, celebrates the COVID-19 vaccine's arrival and discusses its next steps for Swedish caregivers and the broader community.
Boost your mental wellness as we head into the holidays, winter weather and continue COVID-19 precautions with these simple tips.
With the impact of COVID-19, our world has changed, our priorities have shifted and our lives have slowed down.When things do not go as planned, practice leaning into a "to-be" list.
Cancer patients are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.
Exercise is medicine for cancer survivors. Here are tips that you can do it at home during this pandemic.
As cases fill hospital beds across many parts of the country, doctors and scientists are coming up with inventive ways to treat the disease, if not to cure it.
COVID-19 has forced medical centers to adapt to the new reality as mothers worry about their newborns.
‘Even with COVID, welcoming a baby is an amazing experience.’
Across Seattle, blue yard signs along busy streets advertise walk-in “FDA approved” antibody tests at COVID-19 Test Center.
Stubbornly high rates of COVID-19 infection in many major population centers underscore the uneven and local nature of the statewide epidemic
Blood and other biological specimens from COVID-19 patients are helping scientists build a massive “biobank” to examine the virus’s long-term impacts on the human body.
While Swedish is working to reschedule routine appointments during the pandemic, they are still encouraging patients to keep their urgent surgeries and procedures on the calendar.
This study examines the use of Remdesivir in COVID-19 patients.
Washington's hospitals and clinics are available, safe and ready to help you with all of your medical concerns.
Concerned state officials see vaccination rates drop during the COVID-19 pandemic.