CDC urges pregnant women to get vaccinated to prevent serious medical issues

PROVIDENCE OREGON – The CDC is urging pregnant women to get vaccinated, and our doctors stress that the vaccine is safe for women and their babies. 

The CDC has issued an urgent warning to prevent “serious illness, deaths, and adverse pregnancy outcomes from COVID-19.” Judy Marvin, M.D., executive medical director for women’s services, says there was some uncertainty when the vaccine was first available, but now the data is clear.

“It's safe for the women and it's safe for the baby,” Dr. Marvin says.

Additionally, Dr. Marvin says unvaccinated pregnant women are at a higher risk for complications if they contract COVID. Pregnant women with COVID are also at an increased risk for severe illness compared to those who are not pregnant.

Despite the potential for life-threatening issues, only 31% of pregnant women are fully vaccinated in the U.S. Experts urge women who are pregnant, recently pregnant – including those who are lactating – or are trying to become pregnant to get the vaccine.  

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