Providence Oregon updated visitor policy

PROVIDENCE OREGON – Due to the prevalence of COVID in our communities, we are able to allow one designated visitor per day for most patients – with a few exceptions.

The new policy is effective Oct. 6 for all hospitals except Providence Medford Medical Center. The Medford hospital continues with a more restrictive visitor policy due to the COVID surge in southern Oregon.

How it works

One designated visitor per day is allowed in adult inpatient units, behavioral health inpatient units, mother/baby units, emergency departments and hospital-based outpatient and procedural areas.

Special rules apply for people with disabilities or COVID-19.

Some exceptions are in place for certain patients. In these cases, visitors must be at least 16 years old.

  • Pediatric patients can have 2 designated visitors.
  • Labor and delivery patients can designate 2 visitors for support.

To prevent the spread of disease, everyone must wear a mask in the hospital and maintain a safe physical distance of 6 feet (2M).

We understand that limiting visitors is difficult for people with sick family and friends in the hospital. Thank you for understanding, as we do our best to balance your loved one’s need for connection with the need to keep everyone safe.

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