Mission Hospital Mission Viejo Limited Visitor Policy

Welcome! Thank you for helping us keep our patients, visitors, caregivers and physicians safe.

  • Only one visitor at a time is permitted for each patient between 10 a.m.—6 p.m.
  • All visitors must pass our COVID-19 screening to enter the hospital.
  • All visitors must be over the age of 18.
  • Visitors are not allowed for adult patients who are COVID-19 positive or suspected of having COVID-19. Exception: An asymptomatic parent may visit their hospitalized child who is COVID-19 positive.
  • Visitors must wear a hospital-approved mask at all times. The following masks are not permitted: plain cloth masks, gators, bandanas and masks with external valves or vents.
  • Patients are not able to have visitors in any of our preoperative/PACU/procedural areas. We ask that visitors wait outside the hospital for loved ones who are in surgery, preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery.
  • Visitors will be screened at time of entry and provided with a visitor management badge that indicates they are cleared to visit. After screening, visitors must go directly to the patient’s room and remain in the room. Visitors may not gather in any hospital waiting area or hallway.
  • Our cafeterias are not open to the public and visitors are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages. Visitors may eat in the patient room (if allowed by the unit) or in designated seating areas outside of the hospital. No eating is permitted in patient rooms during procedures.
  • After being screened, visitors are welcome in our Gift Shop.

Special Visitation Circumstances

  • Hospice, end-of-life and comfort care patients may have up to two visitors at one time. This includes COVID-19 positive patients.

CHOC at Mission Hospital

  • An asymptomatic parent may visit their hospitalized COVID-19 child.
  • NICU: two parents at a time (with patient identification band on parent) throughout the hospitalization.
  • Pediatrics and PICU: one parent at a time (with patient identification band on parent) throughout the hospitalization.
  • Minors seeking care in any location: one parent at a time throughout the hospitalization. (No time restriction).

This visitation policy is subject to change. Visitation may be adjusted at the discretion of the facility to maintain social distancing. Effective March 22, 2021.

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