We are tackling the exam glove shortage

As we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some medical supplies needed for COVID-19 care have struggled to keep pace with growing global demand. Currently, we’re seeing exam gloves in short supply because there are not enough raw materials for manufacturers to make them.

Our supply chain leaders in Resource, Engineering and Hospitality (REH) are tracking this issue carefully. They are working to get exam gloves to meet current and future demands, and the needs of our caregivers and patients.

To meet our demand, we will source gloves from more than one supplier. While all gloves we put into circulation meet safety standards, they may vary in look and feel depending on the supplier.

We closely monitor inventory for all PPE and will continue to work with trusted manufacturers to ensure sufficient supply for our providers, caregivers and patients. To track our status each week, see the supplies dashboard under “COVID-19 Quick Links” on the COVID-19 SharePoint Online site.

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