Vaccine-related benefits available to caregivers

Now that a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine has arrived, here are a few things to be aware of as you receive each dose and if you experience any side effects.

NEW! Data suggests that a relatively small number of caregivers will experience side effects, which may be more common after the second vaccination dose. If you experience COVID-like side effects (e.g., fever, chills, etc.) within 48 hours of receiving either dose of the vaccine: 

·       You are eligible for up to two days total of pandemic administrative leave pay if you miss scheduled shifts due to your vaccination. You must notify you core leader within 48 hours of receiving your vaccination to be eligible for this leave.

·       You must also notify Caregiver Health Services to report your COVID-like symptoms per federal and state requirements as the vaccine has been authorized for emergency use only.

·       This pay practice will remain in effect through the emergency use authorization period.

·       Read the Caregiver post-vaccination process: CDC Guidelines

NEW! Need to schedule your vaccine on your day off? Non-exempt caregivers will receive one hour of pay at their base wage rate as recognition for the inconvenience associated with vaccine availability and limited appointment times.
EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 31 — 100% coverage of in-network medical claims for COVID-19 treatment has been extended through March 31, 2021 for caregivers and their dependents enrolled in our medical plans.
EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 31  – Paid pandemic administrative leave when applicable for exposure or symptoms.
EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 31 – Pay assurance for COVID-19 illness time. Continued COVID-19 65% pay for caregivers who test positive for COVID-19, are not on employer-provided short-term disability, do not qualify for workers’ compensation, and have exhausted their other forms of time off with pay.

Note: Changes for union-represented caregivers may be subject to bargaining.

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