COVID PPE standards for Providence Oregon

COVID cases are skyrocketing in our communities. We need to make immediate changes to keep each other and our patients safe.

Following are changes for all caregivers working in any Providence building:

  • Caregivers in non-patient care areas:
    • Continuous universal masking is now required unless you are alone in a private office with the door closed or break room with no other person present.
    • All caregivers who work in multi-person spaces or cubes must wear masks at all times.
  • Caregivers in patient areas:
    • Masks and face shields are required to be worn at all times.
    • Caregivers must wear face shields and masks for all interactions in patient rooms.
    • Staff who wear face shields should leave them at all times on while in common areas unless they can physically distance from other caregivers.
    • Encourage patients who can wear masks to have them on when you are in their room.
    • Reinforce with visitors that we expect them to stay masked at all times while in our buildings. They cannot take their mask off when they are alone in a patient room or in any other part of our ministry. The reason is because we want to ensure the safety of our patient, visitors and caregivers.
  • Psychiatric units:
    • Visitors in inpatient psychiatric units are now limited only to those who support the patient’s treatment protocol. We are doing this to decrease visitors in these shared visiting spaces.

Please note that we are very closely monitoring all needs for caregivers, patients and visitors. We will update you with any changes as COVID progresses over the next months. Thank you to each person – we believe these changes will further protect all of us and those we serve.

Download a printable copy of this message to share in caregiver areas of patient care ministries. (internal only)

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