The importance of clinical leadership with Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips

Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips discusses how Providence navigated the last several months to get back to pre-pandemic volumes with the New England Journal of Medicine in an interview facilitated by Tom Lee, Editor-in-Chief of NEJM Catalyst [Innovations in Care Delivery].

“It has had us double down on the model. In the model of being able to serve as a platform, we have this large-scale change infrastructure of vision, trust, data, capacity, and alignment. In Covid, the vision was very clear: survive Covid, get through Covid, so everybody knew exactly where we were going — we were trying to get to the other side of a pandemic. Trust. We had all worked together and trusted that each was doing their own job and not try to manage it but allow it to happen. Data. We built an amazing data architecture that has allowed us to have not only insight into what the outcomes are that we’re seeing, but also predictive analytics, and now we can see with pretty good fidelity about 2 weeks into the future of what’s coming. Capacity. We were very creative in creating capacity, and now that capacity generation is going to serve us well into the future. Alignment has been really essential for us to be able to flex people into the roles that we need [in order for us] to [provide] care in a new way. [In terms of] the platforming article, I’m really glad we had that model before Covid hit because it allowed us to go from 0 to 60 very rapidly when we needed it.”

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