The science of COVID-19: Genetics, testing and developing a vaccine

Understanding the science behind the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the key to unlocking its secrets. With that in mind, the healthcare leaders at Providence are focusing their considerable talents on learning all they can about the new virus that’s put our world in major upheaval.

Dr. Rod Hochman, President and CEO at Providence recently participated in part 3 of the series, Understanding the Science of Coronavirus, which aired on LinkedIn Live on May 21, 2020. Dr. Hochman had a conversation with Dr. Leroy Hood, Chief Science Officer, Providence; Chief Strategy Officer/Co-Founder, Institute for Systems Biology to try and answer the question, “What’s next in this COVID world we’re living in?” 

During the live event the two talked about:

  • The role genetics plays in COVID-19 and how the virus affects different people according to their genetic makeup
  • Developing rapid, inexpensive saliva testing for COVID-19 to replace testing that requires a nasal swab
  • Vaccines and treatments being developed and the expected timeline for completion

Watch the LinkedIn Live event, Understanding the science of coronavirus, Part 3, which originally aired on May 21, 2020.

Watch earlier installments of the series:

Part 2: Dr. Hochman and Dr. Walter Urba, PhD, Physician Executive for Research discuss current testing, analysis and research methods being done by Providence teams.

Part 1: Dr. Hochman and Dr. Jim Heath, president and professor at Seattle-based Institute for Systems Biology discuss current research being done to find a vaccine for COVID-19 and different types of testing.

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