Providence physician shares insights on ER safety during crisis

In a candid Facebook Live interview with Mary Renouf-Hanson, Providence emergency room physician, Luis Abrishamian, describes the measures taken to ensure patients entering the ER are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and why people shouldn't wait to get help if they're having a medical emergency.

Takeaways from their conversation:

  • ERs are extremely clean and organized. Every surface is cleaned and sterilized around the clock. "These are very safe places. There's an extra level of protection now," says Dr. Abrishamian
  • All ERs are open and accepting all types of critical care, and providing emergency surgeries.
  • Before entering the ER, a patient's temperature is taken and symptoms are assessed to determine if they might have COVID-19, and if so, are immediately taken to a separate area. Patients who arrive sick with COVID-19 are also taken to a separate area for care. 
  • Although patients can't be accompanied into the ER by loved ones, clinical staff maintain communication with family and help patients connect through Facetime. 
  • It's essential that anyone experiencing a medical emergency not put off care. Call 911. 



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