Providence urges patients not to delay care

As we continue social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, Providence is reminding people to get needed medical care.

“Here in Oregon, and all across the country, we are seeing fewer patients coming into our hospitals with heart events,” says Ty Gluckman, M.D., clinical cardiologist at Providence Heart Institute.

We have a special concern for people at risk of heart attack and stroke, who could be delaying lifesaving treatment if they ignore symptoms. “The COVID pandemic has changed the world we live in, but it hasn’t changed the risk of stroke,” says Ted Lowenkopf, M.D., medical director for Providence Comprehensive Stroke Center.

A warning to those at risk of stroke | Providence Brain and Spine Institute

A message to heart patients on COVID-19 concerns | Providence Heart Institute

Please be reassured that our hospitals, emergency departments and clinics are open to safely care for medical concerns. We screen all caregivers, patients and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms and also follow stringent cleaning and disinfecting processes.

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