For our maternity patients

For our maternity patients
We know COVID-19 is causing concern at such a joyous time for you and your loved ones. We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to protect you and your baby when you come to the hospital to give birth.

We are working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local health authorities to make sure we continue providing safe, high-quality care while limiting further spread of the virus. Because information can change frequently, we encourage you to talk with your obstetrician or maternal health care provider or, when you arrive at the hospital, with any member of the care team to be sure you have the most up-to-date information available.

Currently, we are taking the following precautions to ensure the safety of our maternity patients.

  • For obstetric patients who are not suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, you may have one support person during your hospital stay. This will be the same person throughout your stay.
  • For obstetric patients who have confirmed or suspected COVID-19, you may have one support person to be with you through labor, delivery and the initial postpartum period. This will be the same person throughout your stay. Additional safeguards are in place to reduce the risk of transmission. Talk with a member of your care team to learn more.
  • Your support person must be at least 16 years old and will be screened before entering the hospital to be sure they are in good health (no cold or flu-like symptoms and no fever).
  • The neonatal intensive care unit has special restrictions and visitors must be at least 18 years old.
  • We encourage you to use video chat (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) as a way for you to visit your loved ones while you’re in the hospital. We can help you access video technology if needed. We just ask that you follow a few rules:
    - Our caregivers need to provide consent before being photographed or filmed.
    - For patient privacy, other patients, patient care areas or patient information should not be photographed or filmed.
    - During some care procedures, photography and filming are not allowed.
  • When you go home, we urge you to take care of yourself by limiting physical contact with people outside your home, and by practicing good hygiene, including frequent hand-washing. We know you want to introduce loved ones to the new member of your family, but please consider virtual technology to show off your baby.

We are working to support the safety of all patients and caregivers:

  • Before entering the hospital, everyone is screened to be sure they are in good health.
  • We continue to monitor the risk of COVID-19 closely. As situations change, we will make adjustments to our visitor policy.

If you have any questions about your hospital stay, please contact your obstetrician or maternal health care provider.

We wish you much joy with your growing family. Thank you for working with us to keep our patients, visitors and caregivers safe.

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