How a tech incubator inside is helping patients and caregivers

Image from Geekwire

Chief digital officer, Aaron Martin, and chief digital strategy officer, Sara Vaezy, discusses how the healthcare landscape is full of digital technologies that make meaningful impacts.

“The consistent question is whether these technologies are transforming healthcare in a way that gets us closer to the “quadruple aim”: improving population health, providing a better patient and provider experience, and lowering costs. With this in mind, Providence was an early adoptor of technology and innovation, and to address these needs, they started an in-house technology incubator, called the Digital Innovation Group (DIG). Providence’s Digital Innovation Group is primarily focused on standing up technologies that move the needle. And now, in the midst of a global health care crisis, DIG is putting these solutions to work in the fight against COVID-19.”

DIG’s ability to quickly standing up assessment, triage, and home monitoring enables caregivers and product developers, side by side, to collaborate quickly to create their best solutions together and deploy them in the real-world setting of a health system.

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