Providence Infusion Hospital Services manufactures hand sanitizer and N95 fit test solution

Providence Infusion Hospital Services caregivers in Tukwila, Wash., are stepping up to meet two of the many critical needs facing all of our ministries during the COVID-19 crisis; they’ve started manufacturing hand sanitizer and N95 fit testing solution. The first bottles rolled off the production line late in the evening on Wed., March 25, and they’ve started shipping them to Home and Community Care (HCC) ministries. Providence Infusion has started distribution to the entire health system.

Hand sanitizer is in high demand throughout the entire health system as a result of the unprecedented demand across the country that depleted the supply chain. N95 fit test solution is also in extremely short supply and both of these are critical to help protect caregivers.

In just a few days, the Providence Infusion team led by Larry Oliver and Jackie Biery produced over 100 gallons of hand sanitizer, along with over 200 bottles of N95 fit test solution. These caregivers are working incredibly hard to support the front line caregivers taking care of our patients, participants and residents. Their important jobs on the manufacturing line provide another line of defense to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Providence Infusion followed World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to start making the hand sanitizer. Raw materials were very hard to come by since they are now competing with others who are similarly trying to fill the gap. The team also needed alcohol meters to do a quality check, and since stores were sold out, creative thinking caregivers went to a local home brewing store to get their hands on some.

Our manufacturing ministry has been in operation and shipping high quality sterile compound products to Providence facilities in Washington State since 2005. This not only reduces the cost of care, but in times like these it fills a critical void that allows Providence to continue serving our communities.

Providence Infusion just registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a 503B outsourcing facility earlier this month, after a substantial amount of preparation work over the past several years. This is the only 503B outsourcing facility in Washington State. The timing of this designation was perfect because it removes federal barriers to shipping compounded products – including hand sanitizer and N95 fit test solution – to all Providence facilities throughout our health system in seven states. Providence is one of just a few health care systems in the U.S. that has a centralized sterile compounding facility, registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facility.

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