4 ways to avoid distractions while working from home


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Working from home presents plenty of distractions for those who aren't familiar with the WFH discipline. If you have kids, oh man...that's even harder. You've got the laundry. You've got dinner to prepare. You've got TV and the internet. You've got the sun. These, and many others, are common distractions for those unfamiliar with the concept of working from home. 

So, how do you manage through distractions? Here are 4 tips we captured from CNBC

  1. Put self-care first. Whether it's a virtual Crossfit class, journaling, meditation or listening to your favorite podcast, doing something you love and part of your routine will help get your mind right for the day ahead. 
  2. Don't seek out distractions. You can watch TV anytime. Don't do it when you're supposed to be working on that presentation. The same goes for household chores. Yeah, the laundry will be there after work...like always!
  3. Own your time. Like most working professionals,  your inbox is likely cluttered with unread messages (except those from your boss, of course). Set times when you're going to respond to emails and texts. Pro tip: communicate your plan to your boss first. 
  4. Create a structure for your kids. You're now a teacher. Thank you coronavirus! Kids are the most challenging distraction because deep down you really want to go play with them. However, they need more than play during this uncertain time, so build a schedule to keep your kids engaged intellectually. Pinterest has loads of examples. 

We hope these tips give you some inspiration. This is hard. You are not alone, and we'll get through this together. 

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