Washington: Walla Walla Cardiac Rehabilitation closes temporarily

Providence Cardiac Rehabilitation has paused operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, effect at the end of the day March 20.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is located in Providence St. Mary Medical Center. The majority of patients using cardiac rehabilitation are older with significant underlying health issues – statistically the people who are at greatest risk from experiencing severe and possibly life-threatening complications should they contract COVID-19.

On an average day, around 50 people attend cardiac rehabilitation in the Providence St. Mary rehabilitation gym, although many have chosen to opt out due to the pandemic. While rehabilitation plays an essential role in recovering from a cardiac event, Providence believes that given spread of COVID-19, it would be prudent for cardiac rehabilitation patients to remain at home and avoid crowds to the extent possible.

Providence is contacting all of the patients, and will be exploring exercise options they can do at home to continue their recovery.

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